It’s become a running joke now that whenever a Democrat screws up, the headlines are always about the Republican reaction to the screw-up — to the point where The Washington Post actually ran a piece claiming that Tucker Carlson “oversold” the “Republicans pounce” complaint in a segment on his show calling out the media for doing it every time.

As Twitchy told you earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deleted a tweet where she misidentified her colleague Rep. John Yarmuth as a Republican in a complaint about the GOP posing an “older male member” next to a cardboard cutout of her. And then the race was on to see who could rush out the first “Republicans pounce” piece — and the award goes to ABC News.

Of course they did.

She said she was going to cut back on social media, but she saw a sexist old white man who she assumed was a Republican and just had to pounce.