We’re especially interested in how 2020 candidate Kamala Harris is going to weigh in on the execution of John William King. Remember how quickly she called Jussie Smollett’s “attack” a “modern-day lynching”? Well, this was a real hate crime — an ugly, brutal hate crime.

And now she’s waffling on whether or not rapists and murderers and terrorists should be allowed to vote from prison. She says she’s a prosecutor, so criminals have to pay for their crimes, but she also said it’s a “conversation” the country needs to have.

So should King have been able to cast a ballot all those years he spent on death row? If the Boston Marathon bomber gets to vote, surely this guy should have had a say in elections.

OK, and now for some of the best GIFs:

* * *


All kidding aside, Bernie is dead-set on letting everyone vote and is done talking about it.


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