This is one of those cases where we read the tweet, clicked on over to the full article to see if it made any sense in context, and then discovered that no, it didn’t make sense in context.

The piece is by Eric Levitz and was published in New York magazine Wednesday, but here’s the tweet-sized excerpt that New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen decided to pull from the article:

Here’s the bit that comes before that paragraph and calls the Constitution “archaic”:

In sum: The man tasked with executing the laws of our country has no respect for them, and Congress is unwilling to do anything about that because our archaic Constitution was not designed to accommodate political parties of any kind — let alone polarized, ideologically coherent parties — and so the structure of our government has lost its rational basis, and is slouching toward a constitutional crisis.

Wow, takes have become unimaginably hot just because Hillary Clinton wasn’t coronated as everyone expected. Sorry your party’s nominee sucked so much.


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