As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham took 2020 front-runner Bernie Sanders to the woodshed after he revealed during a CNN town hall Monday night that, yes, he’d favor letting felons vote from prison. Even the Boston Marathon bomber? Sure, why not?

Graham even followed up with a zinger from his home state:

It took a while for Sanders to answer Graham on why he’d consider letting rapists, murderers, and terrorists vote from prison, but in the end, he pulled the race card.

Seeing as Dylann Roof is white and a white supremacist and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born in Kyrgyzstan, it’s a bit of a dodge that Sanders says he considers it voter suppression that most prisoners are black. Um, white felons don’t get to vote either.

“Those they disapprove of” … like rapists, murderers, and terrorists. You found us out … conservatives disapprove of people who set off pressure cooker bombs in large crowds and shoot people as they attend church. Heck, even Pete Buttigieg is guilty of that.


He has more houses than he can live in at one time.

You’d be stunned how many of Bernie’s followers thought this was a brilliant response.


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