One nice thing about being a Democrat (or being the social media intern for a Democrat) is that you never have to come up with an original tweet; you can just retweet whatever was published that day in Salon or Slate or HuffPost or Mother Jones and be on your way.

Rep. Ilhan Omar this week tweeted a piece from HuffPost in which she declares, “If you attack our Muslim sisters and brothers, you are attacking the entire community. We don’t vote blindly.”

You don’t vote blindly, and you don’t necessarily vote the same. England’s Nervana Mahmoud, a doctor and independent political commentator, reminded Omar that she’d rather not be lumped in with her just because they’re both Muslim.

Hey, you can’t imply Omar’s an Islamist just because she urged “compassion” for an ISIS recruit “who chose violence to combat direct marginalization.” Or because she described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as, “Some people did something.”

But just because you’re a Muslim woman doesn’t mean you have to consider her your “sister.”

Wow, if Ben Shapiro was pilloried for noting the religious and philosophical roots of the Notre Dame cathedral, this should make some heads explode:

And we all know who likes to play the victim.


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