Democrats are almost getting what they’ve been screaming for Thursday morning when the Justice Department releases a redacted version of the long-awaited Mueller report. President Trump took a victory lap after Attorney General William Barr wrote in a letter that there was no collusion, but Democrats haven’t given up hope. Something hidden in those redactions is worthy of impeachment.

As if it mattered in any way, POLITICO reports that a new survey says most Americans don’t believe the Mueller report will fully exonerate Trump — and why should they? This thing’s been played up on cable news and in the major newspapers for two years.

Oh, and did they mention the survey was taken by a Democratic firm?

POLITICO reports:

The poll, by the Navigator research project, was conducted between April 1-7, after Attorney General William Barr publicly released his summary of the report on March 24. Navigator describes itself as a group of top Democratic pollsters and progressive leaders focused on the party’s messaging during the Trump era.

Only 30 percent of respondents accept the president’s interpretation that he was fully exonerated of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, 45 percent said they believe the Mueller report is inconclusive, and 18 percent said they don’t know enough to make a judgment.

Wait up: did they ask if the president was guilty of wrongdoing, or did they ask if the report is inconclusive? Because “inconclusive” isn’t guilt. So really 63 percent don’t know.


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