Several states have already filed lawsuits to prevent there from being a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and the ACLU is firmly against including the question. The ACLU decided to make its argument against the question in the form of an “elevator pitch,” or a discussion no longer than the time it takes to ride an elevator.

We watched the video, but now we really want that question on there. They say correctly that the census is used to decide how many representatives a state gets, and then estimate that 6.5 million people won’t fill out the census if the citizenship question is on there — more people than the population of Tennessee. We’re not that hot on an imaginary 16th largest state being represented in Congress.

Is it bad that we don’t think non-citizens should count toward the number of representatives a state gets? California certainly wants those representatives, not to mention federal funds for social services.

If you get inaccurate data, it’s because non-citizens didn’t fill out the “No” box and send the thing back. Maybe put the effort into encouraging even non-citizens to fill the thing out and return it.

Not over the census — the Obama administration removed the question from the 2010 census. Wonder why?