The Bulwark’s Molly Jong-Fast was really throwing darts when she decided to accuse Ben Shapiro of “politicizing” the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in France by tweeting this:

Um, show us on the doll where Ben’s tweet politicized you … was the mention of “the philosophy and religious principles that built it” the triggering element? It was a Catholic Cathedral, so yes, religion — Western religion (gasp!) — had a lot to do with the profundity of Notre Dame.

So Shapiro’s in trouble for that tweet, but Rep. Ilhan Omar will reap nothing but praise for this:

Now THAT’s how you do it, Ben. You call it a wonder, not a cathedral, and you stick strictly to the art and architecture. Done and done.

You wouldn’t be able to properly describe the effect without understanding its religious significance to more than a billion people.

Hey Molly, Alexandra over here sounds like Ben — check out the way she’s politicized the whole thing. “Western civilization.”

Do you know who had a truly beautiful tweet? Shannon Bream, though she’ll probably be criticized for making it all religious.