This will be a short post but we kind of love this video — it reminds us why we’re so opposed to the Democrats’ call to lower the voting age to 16. We also love the girl’s “12 Years” T-shirt, which will still be safely in the bottom of a dresser drawer 12 years from now, untouched by rising sea levels.

Notice as well how the Sunrise Movement is going on tour to promote the Green New Deal, which not even its cosponsors voted for, so good luck getting that passed.

We also like the way they say they’re “bringing the Green New Deal to every town in America” — if you count nine cities as “every town in America.”

The logo for their tour is pretty cool if you’re into Soviet Realism.

Did we mention the Senate held a vote on the Green New Deal, where it failed 0-57, with 43 Democrats voting “present”? But you mobilize, you crazy kids!

Someone tell these kids that the Green New Deal is dead; the Green Real Deal is the new hotness.