The No. 1 issue for Democrats in 2020 is getting Donald Trump out of office, period — after that, everything will just fix itself. Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman thinks he knows the best way to make sure that happens: to use Trump’s mockery of climate change and the Green New Deal against him.

You might notice in the fine print that Friedman is counting on the “Green Real Deal” and not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” — which all the Democratic candidates fell over themselves to co-sponsor, but not vote for:

… if Democrats approach this right — with a barrage of political ads paired with a focused green strategy, like the “Green Real Deal” proposed by Ernie Moniz, Barack Obama’s energy secretary, and Andy Karsner, George W. Bush’s assistant energy secretary for renewable energy — they can win on this issue in 2020 and make Trump the laughingstock.

Friedman is such a giver that he even wrote a handful of ads for Democrats to run against Trump. Here’s one:

The Department of Energy’s 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report revealed that solar energy was employing more workers than the traditional coal, gas and oil industries combined. But Trump says he prefers big, beautiful coal. How do your kids feel about that?

Kids are stupid and that’s why we don’t let them vote. Here’s another ad that will sink Trump, though:

Cyclone Idai devastated some of the greatest wilderness areas in Africa. Trump couldn’t care less. Do you? Because another decade of storms like that, and the only lions, elephants and zebras your grandkids will ever see will be in a Disney movie.

First, no one heard about Idai, and second, they certainly weren’t given proof that climate change had anything to do with it. But we do feel bad that polar bears are now extinct, so maybe he has a point.

Gov. Jay Inslee has made climate change the central plank of his campaign, and just look how well that’s working for him.

Yes, please, forget the economy and focus on the weather in Africa.