As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post’s Matt Viser gave the 2020 Democratic field a little boost with Republicans on the fence about Donald Trump by revealing how many of them were gun owners too. Not NRA members, for goodness sake — that’s a terrorist organization that needs to be “taken down” according to her close pal Cory Booker — but law-abiding gun owners, even if some of the guns were inoperable antiques.

Among those gun owners was Kamala Harris, which isn’t surprising considering her former career. However, on Thursday she said she owns a gun for personal protection. Wonder if it’s one of those semi-automatics that gun grabbers want to outlaw?

But … we’ve been assured by “common sense” gun control groups for years that 1) white suburban men only buy guns to make up for shortcomings in their trousers, and 2) women especially are a million more times likely to shoot themselves if attacked rather than their attacker. Chicks just can’t handle a gun, you know?

It seems Harris is trying to have it both ways; she’s for gun control, but she understands the desire to have a firearm for self-defense. Good luck selling that on the campaign trail.

Yeah, we’re not buying it. If Harris expects to attract the far-left progressives whose votes she desperately needs, she’s going to have to explain exactly what that middle ground is between respecting the Second Amendment and gun confiscation, Eric Swalwell style.

Hey, let’s give her a chance … when is one of the Democratic candidates going to find the guts to go up against well-funded special interest groups like Moms Demand and Everytown for Gun Safety? Maybe Harris will debate Shannon Watts on CNN or something.

See? She’s turning off Democrat voters already:

Remember when President Obama assured us he just couldn’t get enough of skeet shooting at Camp David? That was funny.