We’re supposed to be feeling bad for poor Rep. Ilhan Omar today after the meanies at the New York Post took her entirely in-context quote about 9/11 and made it into a blistering cover that has the blue-state blue-checks in the media all upset.

There’s plenty of baggage in Omar’s past to put people on notice — that tweet of hers about Israel having “hypnotized the world” was really something — but The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing found another entirely in-context quote from Omar from a TIME magazine article she published in 2017 and thought it could use another airing:

You know who? We have no idea who Boreing could be alluding to. None. Could it rhyme with “Jews” maybe?

Here’s the piece in which Omar urged people to engage with their “enemies”:

Can you believe she left Somalia for this?

Hey, she’s more American than any other American you can name.

Our nation was founded by genocide? You could almost rephrase that as:

Funny how many tens of thousands of migrants are showing up at America’s southern border every month and begging to be let in; guess no one told them how terrible it is here.

Her comfort zone seems to consist of her two “sisters” in Congress who have her back no matter what comes out of her mouth.

She has a bright future in Democratic politics then.