As Twitchy has reported, a bunch of liberal actors signed onto Alyssa Milano’s letter threatening a boycott of Georgia, which, thanks to some generous tax incentives, has become a cheaper alternative to shooting in Hollywood. But no savings is too great to let another state pass its own laws on abortion.

At issue was the state legislature’s “heartbeat bill,” which would ban most abortions after six weeks from conception.

So there are going to be a lot of upset liberals when they find about the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban most abortions after 20 weeks. Time to dig out those handmaid costumes, ladies.

Well, the right to life is in the Declaration of Independence, whereas the right to affordable health care and well-maintained roads is not. And as far as zealots, what do you call an entire party who voted against a bill to provide medical care to a baby that had survived a botched abortion attempt? A heartbeat, pain … no state of development matters when you’re voting to deny medical treatment to a child that’s been delivered.

We’re expecting this to go nowhere, but we like that Lindsey 2.0 is putting himself out there.