Not only does Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spend a good portion of every day tweeting: she also seems to follow every far-left account out there, introducing us to some we’d never heard of … but she reads them and retweets them to her massive following.

On Tuesday she was retweeting a piece from The Leap which has convinced her that the reason the far-right is drumming up resistance to immigration is that it would force them to confront the reason for so much migration: climate change.

And we thought it was all racism.

So all of the migrants at the southern border are going to argue in court that they’re seeking asylum from climate change? Isn’t climate change kind of a global thing? From what we’ve been told, the United States is going to suffer mightily from climate change, so don’t come here!

Honestly, how many seconds do you think Ocasio-Cortez waits between seeing a lefty headline and hitting retweet?

We’ve been lied to this whole time.

She’s certainly not going to blame socialism.