We said it before in our post about Candace Owens torching Rep. Ted Lieu today, and we’ll say it again: we too did a double-take when Owens was caught on video saying, “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine.” Here’s the video:

That was an ineloquent way of saying what Owens made clear to Lieu Tuesday: she thinks that nationalism has been given a bad name from being associated with National Socialist Adolf Hitler when globalism is the threat we need to watch out for.

Nevertheless, free speech activist Nathan Bernard who has a website we don’t care about somehow heard Owens’ original quote as her calling Hitler an “okay guy” and admitting she was fine with genocide within German borders. That sure is reading a lot into, “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great,” but then a lot of people thought President Trump’s “Make America Great Again’ slogan had Nazi roots too.


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