OK, we’ve already done a Rob Reiner post today on him pivoting to “mad king” Donald Trump’s tax returns, but this one’s worth a look as well.

We’re old enough to remember, and maybe you are too, the founding of the MoveOn movement. It happened during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings and the name literally was shorthand for, we all know what Clinton did, now can we just censure him and move on?

The group is still around, organizing protests this week demanding the immediate release of the unredacted Mueller report, but never forget what it was they originally wanted to move on from.

We’ve already seen #MeToo champion Alyssa Milano flush all her credibility with that group by vouching for Joe Biden and saying it’s his intent that matters, not how the women he groped and sniffed and kissed felt. And now it looks like Reiner’s taking that same tack — that non-apology video Biden put out must have been more powerful than we realized.

Biden’s addressed the issue, which is practically jaywalking compared to the stuff President Trump has done (like collude with Russia). We need to have a national conversation on unwanted sexual advances, but now that women are coming forward to initiate that conversation, Reiner thinks they should just drop it so we can all … move on.