Democrats have had their turn at the wheel for much of the past 60 years, and yet they still haven’t managed to fix poverty even though they continually exploit it for votes. Plenty has been spent on housing vouchers and school lunches, and yet they claim there’s no money for housing vouchers or school lunches.

It’s like Obamacare: that was supposed to fix everything wrong with America’s health insurance system, and less than a decade after it was passed the same people who voted for it say we need Medicare for All to fix what’s wrong with America’s health insurance system.

In case any more proof was needed that Minnesota sent just another Democrat cliché to Congress, here’s Rep. Ilhan Omar complaining about Pentagon spending.

The Mueller investigation cost, what, $25 million? How do we explain to starving children that money was wasted on a conspiracy theory?

They just keep reusing the old one.