OK, the only reason we put “bombshell” in the headline is that we were amused by this guy, who assures us it’s “a very big deal.”

It doesn’t sound like a bombshell — it sounds like a source leaking information they know the press and public wants to hear:

Members of the special counsel’s team “have told associates” there might be some bad news for President Trump in the Mueller report, and Attorney General William Barr isn’t correctly summarizing their findings.

It’s not a bombshell if it doesn’t catch you by surprise; the New York Times has a lot riding on the Mueller report damaging Trump. So maybe the “Mueller Time” and “tick-tock” crowd is getting a little serotonin boost Wednesday night, but it sounds like meh to us.

Um, hold up everybody. Remember how Resistance leaders like John Brennan were saying a week before the report’s release that there was absolute proof of Russian collusion? Do you really want to do this again and end up crying and vomiting like the women at Hillary Clinton’s victory party?

Wouldn’t, you know, Mueller himself have issued a formal statement if he thought Barr were mischaracterizing his findings?

You’d think the Times would at least consider waiting for the release of the redacted report before pushing any more of this speculation out there? They still have to sell papers, we guess.