Former FBI Director James Comey is literally a joke these days as far as social media goes … he likes to have cryptic pictures of himself taken looking away from the camera at … something. A corn field, a highway, the ocean, whatever. His mind is in a deep state.

But we have to give James Comey props for calling out an idiotic question asked by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour — the journalist who, after President Trump’s election, summoned other journalists from their eight-year slumber to “commit to real reporting” in a world in which journalism and democracy were in “mortal peril.”

Well, she was right about journalism being in mortal peril, and the ones trying hardest to kill it off completely all seem to work for CNN. Watch Amanpour ask Comey if perhaps the FBI should have “shut down” some of Trump’s campaign rhetoric, seeing as it was “dangerous.”

Again, props to Comey for shutting her down, and explaining that it’s not the role of government to censor speech.

And for CNN, the 2019 thing is to try still to undo the 2016 thing somehow.