As Twitchy reported Friday, there was a big anti-Joe Biden story out on The Cut by Lucy Flores, a Nevada Democrat who accused the former vice president of smelling her hair and giving her an unwanted kiss on the back of the neck during a campaign stop in Nevada in 2014.

The Biden camp responded, with Biden assuming the most woke #MeToo position possible without confessing: he didn’t recall it happening, but “believes that Ms. Flores has every right to share her own recollection and reflections.” (Woke Joe Biden is going to be a riot on the campaign trail.)

And then there was another complicating factor: Flores didn’t mention in her piece that she’s a huge Bernie Sanders supporter who bragged in 2016 of being picked to be on the board of Our Revolution, a 501(c)(4) that bills itself as “The next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement.” It certainly wouldn’t hurt Sanders if more of these Biden stories circulated.

It’s no secret that Biden is a notorious hair-sniffer — there’s a wealth of photographs and video — but here’s Biden getting a good whiff of Eva Longoria’s locks at the same event that Flores described.

Well, more material for the “Joe Biden’s a Creep” file in any case.

Will Biden shake hands with all the women on stage at the debates or just sniff their hair?