It’s wonderful and frightening at the same time. A news photographer captures an image and it can inspire instantaneous national outrage. Take, for example, the crying migrant child that TIME appropriated for its cover to show that President Trump doesn’t care about children separated from their families.

The only thing is, the child was never separated from her mother; she was just put down for 30 seconds while the mother, who crossed illegally, was being frisked by a Border Patrol agent. But by that time it didn’t matter.

Today’s meltdown is over a photo of hundreds of migrants being held in the parking lot of a Border Patrol station in El Paso because there’s simply not enough room indoors for thousands of people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “I cannot and will not accept it.” Kamala Harris called it a humanitarian crisis and a violation of human rights.

And Rep. Ilhan Omar? Not only was it “abhorrent and inhumane” in her eyes; it was also a reflection of white nationalism.

It’s “beyond a doubt” a reflection of what white supremacy has done to the country. And we thought it was just thousands of migrants overwhelming the border in numbers the Border Patrol was not prepared to handle.

That photo of caged children — taken during the Obama administration — was another one of those outrage-inducing photos, with the outrage directed toward President Trump, of course.

And they want to establish sanctuary states and abolish ICE so only criminals who are U.S. citizens face consequences.