As Twitchy reported, a lot of people are wondering when the media is going to get its reckoning for allowing people like John Brennan to come on the air and spout utter nonsense about President Trump and Russian collusion. Even on Monday, after the release of the Mueller report which he assured viewers was going to take Trump down, Brennan was back on the air spouting nonsense.

Twitchy also noted that CNN’s Brian Stelter was taking some time today to promote Apple’s new presentation because he just so happens to be “a consultant on one of Apple’s many shows” that’s being announced Monday.

It’s no wonder that Stelter would want to divert attention on the same day the Mueller report is rocking the news cycle and celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti, a CNN regular, was charged with extortion, embezzling client money, bank fraud, and more.

Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell had the receipts on CNN and its relationship with Avenatti.

We actually would have guessed more, but 74 times over two months is a lot of time to devote to a guy who was supposed to take down President Trump (and maybe run for president himself) but ended up charged with extortion.

Newsbusters confirms the 74 appearances and adds that Avenattti made a total of 147 TV appearances over 10 weeks; that means CNN hosted more than half of his appearances “which almost certainly makes Avenatti the most ubiquitous guest in the network’s history.”