The Resistance has been waiting for the Mueller report like it’s the night before Christmas for a couple of years now, and as Twitchy’s reported, a lot of the people who pushed it the hardest on cable TV (looking at you, Adam Schiff) are now gently lowering expectations. NBC News published a story with the headline, “You may be disappointed by the Mueller report.” (Why would we be “disappointed,” you might ask.)

The Mueller report must be coming soon and a lot of people must be leaking, because the media is really going, no pun intended, all in on letting viewers down gently. Check out this graphic from Chris Hayes’ “All In” — it’s an actual instruction guide for reacting to the report once it’s released.

Wow, suddenly journalists have a list of rules for reporting on the report that’s not even out yet but they’ve been reporting on for years.

Not only that; MSNBC is now prepping its viewers for how President Trump is going to “weaponize” the report once it’s released:

Don’t worry, MSNBC; there are still plenty of true believers out there no matter what the report concludes: