Marc Caputo covers Florida for POLITICO, and on Tuesday, he tweeted something that caught the eye of quite a few of his followers.

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering why a reporter covering the election was warning the DNC about its voter registration effort in Florida. And after that, you’re wondering if he’s saying the quiet part out loud, or if this is just how it’s done.

Be warned, though; some who called out Caputo on his tweet were informed they were probably the ones bringing bias into the equation.

OK, we’ll leave it up to the readers — who has the bias here? Was Caputo just reporting on a fact, or is “warning a DNC staffer” about the Democratic Party’s efforts bordering on an advisory role?

We’re assuming when Caputo says in his response he “was pointing out how thoroughly dishonest Derek’s take is,” we’re going to assume he means this Derek:

Honest question: if reporters are handing out advice, do they include the Republican Party too?

Yeah, but the neutral commentators are speaking to the audience, not the players and coaches.

So, is this just a question of phrasing, or is it exactly what it sounds like? Can we get Brian Stelter in on this?