As Twitchy reported earlier, 2020 candidate Kirsten Gillibrand floated an absolutely horrible “fix” to the nation’s opioid crisis — legislation to limit opioid prescriptions for acute pain to 7 days, because “no one needs a month’s supply for a wisdom tooth extraction.” Aren’t these sorts of decisions best made by a patient and their doctor and not some senator with presidential aspirations?

Abraham Gutman is an opinion writer at the Philadelphia Enquirer who writes about drugs and criminal justice, among other things.

Her “team of experts” — good one.

Doctors are already afraid to prescribe opioids; they don’t need the government interfering any further.


OK, you totally lost us there; the threat of creeping socialism is what causes us despair, but go on.

Seeing as Gillibrand changes her policy positions every day, it would be good to have the input of people who live with pain every day.