There are a lot of people who call the Southern Poverty Law Center a hate group, and the organization with over a half-billion dollars in assets sure doesn’t have a lot to say about the sudden firing of the man who co-founded the group in 1971. So how does a group like the SPLC amass that sort of revenue? Guess that “hate map” it maintains brings in a lot of cash.

We won’t say we were surprised to see the SPLC jump on President Trump’s comments following the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand that left 49 dead, nor were we surprised to see it take one line out of context; at least the video shows the full remark.

Divisive? Hateful? Did someone call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? No? ‘Cause she’s here anyway.

Wow, the largest number of extremist killings in 2017? The world’s kind of a big place. Is she sure about that?

Yeah, shut up you bots.

It’s a good thing Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have any anti-Semites around her to concern herself with.