A study released by the American Action Forum in February estimated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal to cost around $93 trillion over 10 years or $650,000 per household over a decade — just 10 easy payments of $65,000 on the installment plan.

Now PolitiFact has gotten involved and declared it “false” that the Green New Deal would cost $93 trillion … it could, but that’s just a high-end estimate.

Pro tip: When dealing with the government and taxpayer dollars, the “very rough, high-end estimate” is basically a starting point and grows exponentially from there.

When PolitiFact refers to Ernst here, they mean Sen. Joni Ernst, who gave a floor speech against the Green New Deal citing the $93 trillion figure, so PolitiFact decided to fact-check her personally:

Interestingly, the report does not state its bottom-line estimate of what the Green New Deal would cost. But if you add up the various figures, the cost is pegged at somewhere between $51 trillion and $93 trillion.

So, Ernst is wrong when she flatly states that the Green New Deal will cost $93 trillion.

Ernst’s statement simply goes way too far. We rate it False.

Yeah, because again, the government always comes in under budget. Heck, that $51 trillion number is probably pretty “flabby” too.