It was pretty clear that Beto O’Rourke began his run for president sometime during his campaign to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, likely when millions started pouring in from out-of-state donors who were desperate to flip any red seat blue. (Remember Jon Ossoff?)

But now that he’s officially announced, the editors of the nation’s biggest newspapers have assigned reporters to follow him around, and the job seems to have fallen to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, who offered this insight:

“Yes, he was driving himself” — is that such a good idea?

We clicked through and learned that as much as O’Rourke wanted to dip his toes in the Mississippi — how could one not? — his campaign team assured him there wasn’t time.

“Some future visit we’ll do that,” he conceded.

And then he talked about unity for a bit and got back in his car to drive to the next campaign stop.

The crowds at the campaign stops, he means.

Oh, man … do you remember when they were having Draft Beto house parties and reading his dopey blog posts aloud to get fired up?

Will Haberman and all the other reporters follow O’Rourke into thrift shots and kind of force him to try on jackets?

Kamala had better unleash some of that oppo research soon if she wants the spotlight back.