Sen. Bernie Sanders, who owns three homes and spent $300,000 on private jets for a nine-day cross-country campaign swing, does a lot of talking about climate change; in fact, he’s compared it to war, saying we need to fight it “as if it were a devastating military attack against the United States and the entire planet.”

So good luck to 2020 hopeful Gov. Jay Inslee, who so far has made climate change the centerpiece of his campaign. We have a couple of polls that might interest him. The first is that recent Des Moines Register poll where he managed to capture one vote out of 400 people polled, and this one posted recently by David Axelrod:

So, please, Democrats, be like Inslee and go all-in on climate change in 2020.

“There is only one salvation.”

It’ll be fun to see Inslee on the debate stage with 48 other candidates all trying to outdo each other on climate change hysteria.