Sorry for another post about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but as a Democratic Socialist she wants the government to regulate everything, and it looks like Uber has gotten away with making too much money for far too long. Her outrage was sparked by a piece on NPR’s website:

While she updates our laws, the authors of NPR’s story are going to be updating their piece, which now has the following editor’s note:

Editor’s note: Following sharp criticism of how this MIT study was conducted, its authors say they will redo their analysis. Uber chief economist Jonathan Hall gives his assessment of the “inconsistent logic” leading to an undercount of hourly earnings and “a major error” in the conclusions in this post.

Maybe Ocasio-Cortez should have read the piece? Well, at least she can claim she’s “morally right” if not factually correct.

Well look at this:


Sounds like Uber’s losing money on every fare but making it up in volume: