Broadway musical “Hamilton,” which was performed at the White House for President Barack Obama and won every award given out that year, including a Nobel Peace Prize and the Stanley Cup, caused quite a stir in San Francisco when someone mistook a “gunshot” on stage for the real thing.

CNN reports:

Three people were injured Friday night when panicked audience members “self-evacuated” during a performance of the musical “Hamilton” in San Francisco, police said.

A woman in the audience had a medical emergency during the scene in which the title character, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, is shot on stage, said Joseph Tomlinson, public information officer for the San Francisco police.

Audience members mistakenly thought there was a real-life shooting and rushed the exits, he said.
CNN affiliate KPIX reported the someone in the audience shouted, “Gun!”

KPIX TV reports: “Somebody said ‘gun, there’s a gun,’ and then we heard someone else say ‘shooter,’ someone else said ‘bomb,’ it was just all these words popping from down below, and then people just started running, and it was still dark and the play was still going on,” said Heidi Kling Reicherter.