A group of protesters vandalized the National Border Patrol Museum over the weekend, plastering stickers all over a display of the names of fallen Border Patrol agents as well as other museum exhibits.

Ryan Hill of KFOX 14 reports:

An area meant to honor U.S. Border Patrol agents was plastered with stickers by protesters on Saturday afternoon who entered the National Border Patrol Museum.

On Monday, the museum allowed cameras to enter the various exhibits to see the damage.

“They were asked repeatedly to leave and not protest and they did not. They scared the visitors that we had,” museum director David Ham said.

“We have a memorial service out here every year at the end of May and this last May we had about 30 family members that came here and visited that room,” Ham said.

“And they reminisce about the fallen hero. For them to deface it like that, it’s just beyond the pale to me. You just don’t do that.”

Circa has video of protesters doing their thing:

There are quite a few people in the comments sympathetic to the protesters and asking what was defaced. Ham said they plastered the museum with 110 stickers which staff tried to remove, but the adhesive stuck to the Plexiglass. So yes, they vandalized the museum.