We’re old enough to remember two things: first, if you question the outcome of an election it’s a threat to democracy itself, and second, if you accuse the media of bias, you’re literally putting journalists’ lives in danger.

So where does Obama bro Tommy Vietor get off saying that every Democrat in the country now has a reason to doubt CNN’s objectivity, just because they hired Jeff Sessions’ former spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores as a political editor?

Wow, we haven’t seen Vietor this fired up since MSNBC hired his fellow Obama bro Ben Rhodes as a political contributor last summer. Oh, wait …

Where did he get his journalism degree again?

We’re guessing this one hire will move CNN’s bias to the right … not at all. She’ll get sucked into the CNN hive mind just like other people we won’t mention. *cough Oliver Darcy cough*