Once again, a Democrat who thinks that the right to bear arms isn’t actually a right are finding “fundamental rights” everywhere they look — except the Constitution.

Now 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is saying that child care should be a fundamental right.

Wow, a zillion times harder? That a lot. Speaking of numbers, here’s her Universal Child Care plan:

Wait … so the government is going to take over the child care industry like it did the health insurance industry and pay for it with a Constitutionally questionable wealth tax?

But Democrats believe if you choose to become a doctor or a university professor they can tell you how much you make because health care and college are also fundamental rights and should be free.

Well, you know, Warren likes to get wonky and really nerd out. No, really:

What’s scary is how many people will vote Democrat because they don’t want to pay for child care or doctor visits or college or high-speed Internet access and someone’s promising to give it to them.