We’re getting a lot of new information on the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, including the fact that police raided the house of two people of interest, both of Nigerian descent, and at least one who appeared as an extra on “Empire.”

Sen. Kamala Harris called the alleged attack a “modern-day lynching,” and Smollett’s family called it an act of “domestic terrorism.”

Reporters say the two persons of interest are not cooperating with investigators.

In the meantime, Cameron Gray has been compiling an impressive list of tweets about the case. Let’s see how well these age once the two people in custody start talking:

Yup … it was Trump’s fault.

Well … where to start?

Seems as though Rep. Bobby Rush has read Gray’s thread and doesn’t like what he sees:

* * *


Hold up … the president of the Human Rights Campaign still wants to get in on this:


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