As Twitchy reported, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that President Trump would sign Congress’s spending bill but then declare a national security and humanitarian crisis at the border in order to deliver on his promise of a border wall.

Something tells us a lot of conservatives are going to warn against Trump declaring a national emergency; actually, a great number already have. Here’s author Brad Thor, who calls it a political “Pandora’s Box.”

Adam Baldwin, however, reminds us that Trump certainly wouldn’t be the first to use that power.

It’s true; there are currently more than 30 active states of emergency. CNN reported that President Obama declared a national emergency 13 times during his administration, and President Trump has already declared 3. The thing is, Congress is supposed to review twice a year which emergencies are still valid and which are no longer necessary, but they never do.

But compared to the 31 national emergencies already in place, isn’t the humanitarian crisis at the border a national emergency?

Wouldn’t it be great if the Democrats in Congress put the citizens of this country first?