We’re blown away that Democratic candidates for president in 2020 have tweeted their support for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which promises to replace air travel with high-speed rail, rebuild or renovate every building in the United States, end cow flatulence, and do away with fossil fuels.

We mean, we know they support all of the social justice baggage that’s hidden away in this thing, but to come out and support it publically this early in the campaign cycle is a bold strategy. How many Americans have read this thing?

So to save the planet from climate change we need to give away free college and provide economic security for those unwilling to work. No, seriously.

As if we didn’t already know from their actual march (and superstar speaker Bill Nye, the not-actually-a-scientist-but-a-failed-stand-up-comic guy) that the March for Science was a complete joke, the “community of activists” enthusiastically signed on to the Green New Deal — because justice demands action on climate.

Exactly: What do a jobs guarantee and the promotion of equity and justice have to do with climate change?

Handwritten colored markers on a sheet of paper? Are we sure that’s not the Green New Deal resolution itself?

Maybe it’s just because we’re not scientists ourselves, but isn’t it weird for “justice” to pop up so often when talking about science?