If you read our post Monday night about the latest poll from Monmouth, Beto O’Rourke, who has won nothing, is riding relatively high among potential 2020 Democratic candidates with about 7 percent support — which actually puts him in the top five.

O’Rourke appeared on Oprah Tuesday where some thought he might announce his 2020 run, but instead, he sounded like someone who really needs to be on medication … seriously. It’s a shame Twitter suspended the parody blog O’Rourke was keeping on his head-clearing road trip, because it was spot on.

Do people really want a president who lost one election and found himself in “the sunken place”?

So the Hollywood elite’s favorite Democrat, instead of campaigning, has been driving around trying to get out of his post-loss funk? Kamala Harris has already done a CNN forum and is going to give her own pre-State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Forget the Lunar New Year; is everyone hyped for Beto Month?