Members of Congress bring a lot of stunt guests to the State of the Union address every year, but we still don’t think anyone can top #MeToo champion Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand inviting along rape hoaxer Emma Sulkowicz, aka “Mattress Girl.”

Now Speaker Nancy Pelosi could have brought one of those nice kids from MS-13 as a guest just to show their spark of divinity to a national audience. But instead, she went with the obvious choice and invited the new president of Planned Parenthood, Leana Wen.

Sorry, but … what is the connection between Planned Parenthood and the U.S. government again? Besides political donations to Democrats, that is.

“Immigrant rights,” sure. Rights of the unborn?

It used to be that magical moment when it passed through the birth canal, but even that’s up for question in 2019.

It’s a sick, symbiotic thing Planned Parenthood and the Democrats have going on.