This is Jesse Kelly we’re talking about, so of course, he announced his new piece in The Federalist by tweeting, “MUST READ: This is the best article I’ve ever read.” However, a lot of people are weighing in in agreement.

Of course, you remember that President Trump had announced last August he was pulling American combat troops out of Afghanistan, but the Senate recently voted 68-23 to keep troops there for the time being.

That has Kelly writing in The Federalist that the majority of senators think “we haven’t spilled enough blood, broken enough soldiers (mentally and physically), or spent enough money. All for a now-aimless conflict in a part of the world Americans don’t even care about.”

He writes further:

What began as an attempt to hunt down Osama bin Laden has now become a generational conflict where sons are patrolling the same areas as their fathers did. This no longer a war. This has become a hopeless mission to tame a part of the world that has never been and will never be tamed.

Afghanistan is a rugged, tribal nation with different interests than ours. As with so many parts of the world, the strong will rule over the weak there, and there is precious little America can do about that. That is why we’re now resigned to negotiating a peace deal with the very Taliban we’ve been fighting for 17 years.

As we said, a lot of big names are passing Kelly’s piece along:

Ninth deployment? And this really is a multi-generational conflict.

The whole piece is definitely worth a read.

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