If there’s any fun on the horizon at all, it’s gonna be when all 58 Democratic candidates for president are up on that debate stage and have to actually, you know, fight for the Democrat nomination. We’re certain they all envision a “let the best candidate win” scenario where everyone’s nothing but positive and the people make their choice based on who comes across as most charismatic.

Maybe we’ll give the Democrats some advice and remind them how the DNC and Hillary Clinton teamed up to kneecap Bernie Sanders, who was winning states at a clip well beyond the comfort zone of the Clinton machine.

But for now, senators and 2020 candidates Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker are playing nice.

Yeah, remember that scene from “The Dark Knight” when the Joker hands the thugs both halves of a broken pool cue and says there’s one opening in his organization? How many months until the Democrats get there?

Wait until he goes full Spartacus on Gillibrand.


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