The Daily Caller reported this story Tuesday, but seeing as how today’s news cycle is dominated by a Democratic governor talking about infanticide, it seems a good time to post something on it.

In short, the House Committee on Natural Resources is doing away with all gender-specific language and any mention of God in the oath taken before testifying before the committee.

Religion reporter Joshua Gill reports:

The current draft of the proposed House Committee on Natural Resources rules package replaces all gender-specific pronouns with “their,” and substitutes committee “Chair” for “Chairman” in committee documents. The rules package also proposes that witnesses who testify before the committee be administered an oath bereft of any reference to faith or God and that adds the phrase “under penalty of law.”

Oddly enough, the proposal to remove references to God comes just two months after Democrats proposed to remove a 181-year-old restriction on wearing religious headgear on the House floor in order to accommodate newly-elected Muslim women members.

So they finally managed to get rid of that pesky “so help you God” bit.

At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, delegates booed loudly when convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa restored the words “God” and “Jerusalem” to the party platform after several voice votes.

So yes, it’s no surprise.

And a wall is an “immorality?”

No, they’re fixing America by ridding it of all the leftover baggage from the founders.

If the Democrats want to strike God from the oath, by all means, do so. It does seem curious that this is a priority for them all of a sudden, though.