Now that Sen. Kamala Harris has officially announced her run for the presidency in 2020, we’re getting to know some of her campaign staff on Twitter. Ian Sams is her national press secretary, and if it weren’t for him, we never would have seen Jonathan V. Last’s piece on her horrible campaign logo in The Bulwark (sort of the reanimated corpse of The Weekly Standard).

Or … maybe her logo is so bad that it compelled a conservative to write a 1,000-word piece about just how bad it is?

We honestly hadn’t seen it until Sams directed us to the piece trashing it, so here it is:

Last calls it perhaps “the worst political graphic design job in a generation,” and he makes a good case. He also trashes Marco Rubio’s campaign logo, praises Barack Obama’s, and argues that both Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s were “passable.”

But yeah, it’s pretty ugly. It actually looks to us like a box of Peeps knockoffs — there’s something very Easter-like about those colors.

Or maybe we’re just so triggered by Harris’ awesomeness we can’t admit it’s awesome.

We can’t wait to hear what triggers us next.