There are already plenty of hot takes out there about the MAGA hat — remember how worked up CNN got when service members brought their personal MAGA hats to be signed by the president during his Christmas stopover? A lot of hand-wringing there — was that against the rules? Should they be disciplined?

And then you have Alyssa Milano saying the red MAGA hat is the new white hood; not an entirely original take by any stretch, but she thought it was profound enough to tweet.

So actor Vincent D’Onofrio didn’t have the worst tweet we’ve seen on the MAGA hat and the hatred it supposedly represents, but still, we’re not fans of being told what to wear and what not to wear to please the supposed majority.

Just as a bonus, we’re going to throw in TV writer and #VerifiedBully David Slack for yet another hot take on the MAGA hat:

Aw, heck, he’s one more entry from the hat police: