As Twitchy reported, NBC News’ Chuck Todd is upset that people are “trying to tar all media” after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office took the unprecedented step Friday of disputing in a statement BuzzFeed’s big scoop on President Trump and Michael Cohen that had contributors talking impeachment all day long on the cable news channels.

If you’d read Twitchy for any length of time, you’re aware of the running “conservatives pounce” joke — whenever a liberal does something wrong, the media’s story is always how conservatives “pounced” (or “seized”) on it, not the original offense itself.

So today’s prize goes to The Hill, which stretched out a little and went with “pound.”

Conservatives? One reporter said passing along BuzzFeed’s bogus reporting via social media had kept him up all night with anguish. But did he pounce on BuzzFeed? Not really. Only conservatives pounce (or pound).

Yes, there’s plenty of parsing of Mueller’s statement where he said BuzzFeed’s report was inaccurate but not necessarily wrong, you see. Keep hope alive!