Jill Filipovic has a piece on CNN’s website explaining why that Gillette ad (that has a lot of men defecting to Dollar Shave Club) about toxic masculinity is drawing cheers — and anger.

She writes that the ad, sadly, isn’t a victory for feminism, but it’s progress:

… the backlash shows that that progress has been less linear than we would like, and that with forward movement comes those reactionaries who dig in their heels.

The monetization of feminism is far from the dreams of our foremothers. But we do live in a capitalist nation awash in advertising, and these campaigns tell us a lot about ourselves — and what some savvy and powerful people believe we want to see.

Gillette advertising on gender equality isn’t a feminist victory, and feminists need not do their advertising for them. But it is an indication of feminist progress.

It seems a lot of the angrier people have filled up Filipovic’s mentions today:

To be honest, we looked through the responses to the CNN tweet, and they were positive by a large margin. We have yet to come across any semi-literate rage, but we’ll keep looking.


We were promised tough guys in hysterics! Where are they?