As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Jim Acosta reported that he saw no emergency situation at the border near McAllen, Texas — as he was standing next to a steel fence. Maybe try California, where members of the migrant caravan tried to rush the fence and were driven back by tear gas.

It’s a tradition now to quote-tweet Jim Acosta and write “Dear Diary,” and now even President Trump is doing it:

Oh snap.

And as if it weren’t obvious that there’s personal animosity between Acosta and the Trump family, check out the hashtag Acosta so professionally added to his tweet to Donald Trump Jr., who also took the opportunity to dunk on him.

Wow, CNN really is obsessed with Trump’s bye-bye (or buh-bye) to Chuck and Nancy after Pelosi gave a flat-out no to any barrier at the border. No bias, though — what Acosta meant to say is, shouldn’t the Democrats agree to fund border security to reopen the government? Right?

Bye-bye Jimbo.

* * *


A searing comeback from Acosta:

* * *

Just a reminder that it was @neontaster who came up with the “Dear Diary” idea … he’s hit the big time now.