For two years now we’ve been hearing about President Trump planning a coup, which doesn’t make any sense, considering he’s the one in power.

The buzz online ever since Monday night has been that Trump will use his Oval Office address Tuesday night to declare a national emergency at the border and hand over construction of a wall to the military. But a draft of his speech doesn’t mention any declaration of a national emergency.

Still, Michael Moore is riling up his followers with the suggestion that tonight’s speech is just a power grab by the president.

This is how a coup begins. Be ready to act!

He tested it, but it was put into place during the Obama administration. The tweet’s been deleted, but one woman declared that she’d been “raped by technology” when the alert was sent to her phone.

He’s gonna do all that with an eight-minute speech?

Millions, huh?

Let’s hope all the bitter clingers out there with their assault weapons are ready for that switchblade.

He made a movie already … what else do you want from the guy?