We’re old enough to remember when one-time Massachusetts Senator and presidential candidate John Kerry asked, “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” on the campaign trail. It certainly didn’t sound anything like the John Kerry who testified before Congress in 1971 who had that very proper pronunciation of “Genghis Khan,” to whom he compared his fellow American troops.

And don’t get us started on Hillary Clinton, who ain’t no ways tired.

So, yeah, it was kind of funny to see down-home everywoman Sen. Elizabeth Warren fire up the webcam in her kitchen and announce, “I’m gonna get me a beer,” which she then tried to open in a way that defies description and luckily didn’t send her to the emergency room.

The firefighters in the media are back on the job, and their job seems to be putting out the fires Warren keeps setting herself. The Atlantic stepped up with an entire piece on why there was nothing odd at all about Warren’s phrasing — after all, she does have Oklahoma roots.

If that’s just her natural speech pattern from growing up … why doesn’t she sound like that all the time?

The Atlantic really shouldn’t have wasted the time, since the answer is obvious: Warren is mocked because she’s a powerful woman. (Get used to hearing that a lot over the next two years):

But if it’s a double standard, why did we have so much fun with snooty old John Kerry and his obvious verbal affectation? And when Barack Obama would break into gospel preacher mode?

Funny — we thought the whole thing about Elizabeth Warren was that she persisted, and she was able to take criticism.