Does no one remember that the whole news cycle of outrage over President Trump’s administration keeping illegal immigrant children in cages kicked off when someone started circulating photos of kids in cages published in Arizona Central in 2014, during the Obama administration?

And now newly seated House Democrats are demanding answers why two children have died in Border Patrol custody; migrants died during Obama’s administration too, but forget about that.

We didn’t think anyone watched MSNBC outside of “Maddow,” but NewsBusters was on the case today and managed to catch SiriusXM host and MSNBC guest Mark Thompson suggest that baby Jesus, an immigrant, might have died under Trump’s border policies.

Brad Wilmouth writes:

On Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle,” liberal SiriusXM talk radio host and frequent MSNBC guest Mark Thompson declared that baby Jesus, as an immigrant, would have been separated from his parents and might have died in detention if he had lived under President Donald Trump’s rule.

After complaining about federal workers not receiving paychecks, he then hinted that conservative Christians are being hypocritical in supporting Trump. Here’s Thompson: “And as far as the wall is concerned, you know, we just celebrated the birth of Jesus who was part of an immigrant family seeking political asylum in another country from King Herod’s violence.”

[Fill-in host Chris] Jansing then injected: “We don’t hear a lot from evangelicals on this.”

“If Jesus were today or Trump was back then, He would have been separated from his parents,” Thompson continued. “Joseph and Mary would have been put in a separate detention center — He would have been put in a separate detention center, and He might likely have died in custody like another child did over the holidays.”

Yeah, for a party that actually booed the reintroduction of “God” and “Jerusalem” into the party’s official platform at the DNC, they sure like to lecture Republicans about Jesus.

Worst of all, Thompson’s not even the first or most powerful person to come up with that stupid analogy: